At Agri-Tech we understand that water is absolutely critical to your business & home garden. We know that you need an irrigation system that is reliable, efficient, flexible and overall cost effective. Agri-Tech has been accredited as an organisation providing a wide range of successful and innovative solutions. 


Agri-Tech specialises in:


  • Trenching
  • Rock-sawing
  • Excavating


  • Soil moisture Water
  • General monitoring


  • Pump station installation
  • Pump laser alignment &
  • Field installation
  • Home garden installation
  • Automation 
  • Tank installation

Fabrication Services

  • Stainless steel fabrication
  • High density poly fabrication
  • Filter development

Field Irrigators

  • Otech centre pivots
  • Otech lateral move systems

Avoid the next potential breakdown by contacting the Agri-Tech team to discuss your system maintenance plan.Your business means a lot to you and like any successful business, you need systems in place that are reliable and capable.

No project is too small or large and is completed using skilled trades people. Agri-Tech has its own range of commercial digging and installation equipment to ensure a quality job every time. All work is carried out in a professional like manner and in accordance with the manufacturer's installation requirements.


Agri-Tech provides a wide range of installation services including but not limited to the following conditions:

  • Domestic gardens and lawns
  • Picture8Parks and sporting arenas
  • Turf
  • Row crops
  • Orchards
  • Vineyards
  • Pastures
  • Greenhouse
  • Special filtration systems

Design Services

Agri-Tech specialise in using state of the art design systems to ensure designs are capable to meet your exact requirements. In addition, we know that your requirements may change or grow over time and as such we review your design with flexibility in mind to avoid any longer term limitations.

System reliability is enhanced by quality component selections such as pipe lines, emitters, valves, controllers, pumps, filters etc to meet the design specification and environment conditions. 

When you engage Agri-Tech to provide a complete design and analysis, we guarantee that the system will meet or exceed your expectations.


Design services include:

  •  Preliminary site investigation
  • Concept development
  • Develop design and alternative designs
  • Review and selection of equipment
  • Detail a bill of materials for DIY kits
  • Provide detailed and layout drawings
  • Calculate water consumption rate
  • Balance water output to suit site conditions
  • Develop operating schedule for automated control systems


Project Management

Management is critical for any project to be viewed as successful by being completed on time with minimal wasted effort. 

We all know that wasted effort only costs money, so the Agri-Tech team will plan and manage your project to maximise effective use of resources and ensure activities are scheduled in line with critical delivery dates of equipment and other parts. 

The use of computerised project planning tools allow us to monitor every aspect of your project to minimise potential installation and commissioning problems.



Support Services

During the life span of your irrigation system, some items will need servicing or replacing. 

Agri-Tech can assist you in determining a maintenance plan and service equipment to bring up to standard ready for your peek season. 

The Agri-Tech team can also help you with emergency breakdown on site support to minimise any costly down time or damaged crops.

Commissioning System

Your project is only complete when it delivers what the design intended. Any reasonable size irrigation project will require kilometers of piping and other critical equipment. The Agri-Tech team is committed to achieving total customer satisfaction and to do so we ensure your irrigation is fully tested and functional.

The system needs to be tested and inspected to ensure:

  • Work has been completed to the highest possible standard
  • Work is in accordance with the manufacturers specification and as designed before the project can earn the final tick of approval.
  • Correct and relevant documentation is provided so that long term maintenance issues can be addressed promptly when it count the most.