The 300 acres of vineyard is irrigated using four submersible primary pumps feeding four secondary pumps with a 1.6 km 400mm bore low pressure poly pipe spanning across a river flat and two waterways.

The AgriTech team came up with a simple and cost effective design to pump and transfer the water across a difficult terrain.




A multi million dollar project. The property has over 40 pivots covering an area of over 5,000 acres. Agri-Tech Irrigation designed, supplied and installed the main line system capable of delivering 1300 litres per second through 900mm Hobas pipe.

There is 6.5km of mainline and 30km of spur lines ranging from 375mm to 250mm Iplex Rhino pipe.

The property has been developed over several stages over a period of 18 months.


Valley View Produce, Potato and Onion property owned and operated by Kim, Carol and Phillip Marks

Agri-Tech Irrigation has been involved in the progressive development of this 300 acre property since the first stage. Three Primary Pumps at river level lift 76 metres to the three secondary pumps capable of delivering 230 litres per second to sprinklers at a level of over 90 metres.

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